Soil Water Monitor

Use the Moisture Meter to easily check on the cond...

Product Descriptio

Easy to Use
Save water and save money. The Moisture Meter has an eight inch metal stem that penetrates to root level. No batteries or electricity required.

For any plant
The instructions and watering tips are printed on the back of the included pamphlet. The Moisture Meter will do great in any soil situation. It will accurately display your moisture levels. Find out what moisture your plant needs and keep the level constant for a healthy, long lasting plant.

Ten Range
-Range 1-3: Dry to slighty moist, for plants such as Cactus, thick leaved plant
-Range 4-7: Slightly moist to moist, right for most plants, such as Begonia, Cyclamen, Euphorbia, Ficus, Fuchsia, Philodendron, Geranium, Saintpaulia, Azalea, Adiantum etc.
-Range 8-10 : Very moist, best for Orchid

-Do not put this moisture meter directly against any hard soil ground.
-Do not leave the moisture meter in the soil for a long time.
-To make sure of degree of humidity required by your plants, always consult a specialist.