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The Digital Light meters are used in the fields of...

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Product Descriptio

Precise and easy readout. High accuracy in measuring.

LSI-circuit use provides high reliability and durability. Permits a wide range of light measurements

Adjusting zero automatically and excellent operation.

LCD display provides low power consumption and clearly read out evening high ambient light.

Separate LIGHT SENSOR allows user take measurements at an optimum position

3 1/2 digits 18mm LCD 
Range: 1~100,000Lux 
Accuracy: ≤10,000Lux, ±(4%rdg+10digit) 
>10,000Lux, ±(5%rdg+10digit) 
Resolution: 1Lux 
Repeatability: ± 2% 
Temperature Characteristic: ± 0.1%/°C 
Sampling Time: 0.5 second 
Photo detector: one silicon photo 
diode with flitter 
Dimensions: 130Lx72Wx30H(mm) 
Over-input: Indication of “1”