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2 Outputs 30V/5A and 1 Output 5V/3A; Digital Control.

Dual adjustable power supply: Line regulation: CV≤0.01%+1mv / CC≤0.2%+1mA

Load regulation: CV≤ 0.01%+3mv(I≤3A)/ CC≤0.2%+3mA(I≤3A)/ CV≤ 0.01%+5mv(I>3A)/ CC≤0.2%+5mA (I>3A)

Ripple and noise: CV≤0.5mVr.m.s(I≤3A)/ CC≤3mAr.m.s(I≤3A)/ CV≤1.0mVr.m.s(I>3A)/ CC≤6mAr.m.s(I>3A)

Protection: constant current and short-circuit protection

Input voltage: 107V---117V AC+10%, 50Hz/60Hz+2Hz 
Dual adjustable power supply 
Line regulation: 
CV≤0.01%+1mv, CC≤0.2%+1mA 

Load regulation: 
CV≤ 0.01%+3mv(I≤3A), CC≤0.2%+3mA(I≤3A) 
CV≤ 0.01%+5mv(I>3A), CC≤0.2%+5mA (I>3A) 

Ripple and noise: 
CV≤0.5mVr.m.s(I≤3A), CC≤3mAr.m.s(I≤3A) 
CV≤1.0mVr.m.s(I>3A), CC≤6mAr.m.s(I>3A) 

constant current and short-circuit protection 
Voltage indication accuracy:+0.2%+5digits 
Current indication accuracy:+0.5%+5digits

One 5V/3A  & Two 30V/5A Output:
Output voltage:  5V±2.5%  &   30v±2.5%
Output current: 3A & 5A Line regulation: CV≤0.01%+1mv
Load regulation:≤ 0.1%
Ripple and noise:≤0.5mVr.m.s
Protection: current limit and short-circuit protection
Environment: 0+40℃ relative humidity: <90%

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