PM18 Auto-Ranging Digital Multime...

The Dr. Meter PM18 Multimeter is a powerful digita...

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Product Descriptio
  • 6000 Counts digit display, it accurately measures AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, diode, transistor, continuity, frequency, capacitance and live line test

  • Data hold and an easy-to-read LCD backlit display for visibility in dimly lit areas

  • Back LED light illuminates objects under test and NCV detector senses near AC voltage, making measure more convenient and safe

  • Built-in support stand for hands free use, input overload protection within DC 1000V or AC 600V increases safety use

  • Compact and handheld size, protective rubber sleeve for drop protection

  • Specifications

- DC voltage: 600mV/6V/60V/600V/1000V ¡À(0.5%+3)
- AC voltage: 6V/60V ¡À(0.8%+3), 600V/750V ¡À (1.0%+10) 
- DC current: 60uA/60mA/600mA ¡À(0.8%+3), 20A ¡À (1.2%+3) 
- AC current: 60mA/600mA ¡À(1.0%+3), 20A ¡À (1.5%+3) 
- Resistance: 600¦¸/6k¦¸/60k¦¸/600k¦¸/6M¦¸ ¡À(0.8%+3), 60M¦¸ ¡À(1.2%+30) 
- Frequency: 9.999Hz/99.99Hz/999.9Hz/9.999KHz/99.99KHz/999.9KHz/9.999MHz ¡À (1%+3) 
- Capacitor: 6nF ¡À(4.0%+30), 60nF/600Nf/6uF/60uF/600uF/6mF ¡À(4%+3), 100mF ¡À(5%+3) 
- Display: LCD, 6000 counts 
- Fuse protection: FF630mA/250V for mA position, FF20A/250V for A position
- Sampling rate: about 3 times/second. 
- Over range indication: ¡°OL¡± displayed on the LCD
- Polarity indication: ¡°-¡± auto displayed. 
- Low battery indication: low battery mark displayed on the LCD 
- Battery: 4 x 1.5V AA battery(included) 
- Dimension: 190 x 89 x 50 mm

- Do not connect it to the voltage over 1000VDC or 750VAC 
- Make sure not connect the error measuring range 
- Please remove the test lead and cut off the power before replacing battery and fuse.